How to Use


Its quick and easy just fill in details so we can build it for you with your business details. Register Here

We create and send you your link - This will open in your device browser. Simply add shortcut to home screen on your chosen device. You can then quickly locate and open and send with speed. Each Mobile Device have different ways to add a shortcut link to home screen. Its quick and easy. Check your device on google for method of out how to add shortcut on MAC , or windows based tablets and desktops. Once you have added to your homepage - simply click it open when you need it and send immediately.


Submit your Business details below in full so we can build your APP page without delays . The Email address you submit is the one we set up for your business responses if applicable. We only set up the details you submit. Set Up Here


Once we receive your details we will start to build and host your dedicated link page. This may take upto 48 hours, but usually same day, dependant on volume of work.


Once built, we will email you a link with your dedicated page enabling you to SEND Quotes, and Invoices ,from any device you wish including your mobile phone.


Whichever device you use we you will need to open your dedicated link page and save it to your homescreen so that you can access it whenever you need to send a quote.You can send UNLIMITED quotes and invoices with your logo. Both you and the customer will receive PDF copies of sent quotes / invoices enabling easy archiving & record keeping. You will alo have the option to include a link to your business Terms and Conditions for instant quote acceptance from customer. Additionally we will add a link to your Facebook page on sent invoice PDFs to build "likes" and "reviews" for your business. You also have the option to add payment facility such as bank transfer details on invoices to force quick payments. Additionally you can start and save your entry details just in case you get interupted. You will see a SAVE button which sends a link to enable you to continue from where you left off.

Step 5

Your 3 month FREE OF CHARGE (set up fee of £10 for build) usage will start - it will auto expire after this period. If you wish to continue on going we will invoice you with payment instructions for your 12 month selected plan 

Comprises of 2 x options - Standard & Premium. Standard is £ 69 per year - Unlimited usage for sending quotes, invoices to clients. Premium Plan has additional features for Contracts with e-signature and more robust agreement structure to remove hassle of contract agreement disputes.  - see Features Page

Your own dashboard to access all you quotes / invoices & contracts. A review system for your access only with options to interact with customer comments to fully ensure satisfaction. Also a facility to share suitable review comments directly to your social media audience  to enhance your credibility and reputation. Options to have your own online quote system to be presented to customers for an easy way to encourage enquiries to your business. Please note we already use this within the window industry to great success for our clients. 

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